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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Love to be a MDUC "D.T" guest member!!!!! Please!!!!! is something special I made a while ago for a dear friend!! It is my version of the clever lady in the Magnolia ink magazine ( I think it was in the chocky one LOL) get back to you on those speciffics. My goal since my bad luck last year is to get somewhere with my craft, I have entered my creations in hope to become more confident in my skills and myself. I have met some most wonderful ladies throughout the World which just blows me away, thier support and comments have just been so amazing so I have put it down on paper ( My new years resolution I'm going to aim to be a Design Team member at Magnolia all my will and might I will try try try!!...WISH ME LUCK !!! xoxox


  1. Love your take on the case-and all the best for your ambition/goal-I'm sure you'll reach it

  2. Gorgeous Allie
    ! Such a sweet suitcase :)
    Hugs xx


Thank you so much for spending the time to comment on my work. I hope you enjoy my creations as I enjoy reading your wonderful support xoxo Allie