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Friday, 9 March 2012

"An afternoon with the Gals"

I had a wonderful afternoon with some lovely "older" familiar faces today!!!! Crafting...cutting, giggling no laughing, oh and did I say cutting!!! ( lol) the girls had me running, left, right and center!!! Cuppas cakes and sandwiches, hmmm might not eat so much tomorrow...LOL!!! I helped out with the ladies whom are making some gorgeous "Mother's Day cards for the soliders...what a great job......Lil, Lilly, Liz, Lilabell, Lillian, ( I'm running out of LIL's!!!! Heheheee!!) Dot and Jean Oh and Phillip who made sure us girls where actually card making not chatting too much ...heheheeee!! Oh and he made sure the lunch....cakes and biscuits where up to standard!!!! Hope I did'nt forget anyone xox to you all( see you in July) Big xoxoxo to my lovely friends Helen and Kay xoxox to you both!!

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  1. Hiya honey so glad to see youve joined us at CCC
    I am now following you - Follow me too at


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