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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I have been chosen for a DT member and I am so totally excited!!!

Ok I am waiting for them to release the names ......I have been lucky enough to recieve a 4 month contract with them......( whhooooooooo hoooo) until they post it I will keep it under wrapps...... now I have to make a stronger effort to update my blog !!

But How totally awesome I have been chosen for a DT possy!!! OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!

 On a lighter side took my little one ( I say Tounge in cheek) to the park again today...we are practising our bike riding skills....stay tun for some crake up LO's.....

On another note I am however a little nervious and very proud next week  is my first lessons in ages and I have to tell you I'm a little to the group dont know them or their wonderful talents so it shall be interesting.....but looking f orward to meeting them and joining a wonderful, friendly supportive team, see you there......HMMM think those colours I dont usually do......... but it's all good It has my take on things so recovered well...LOL!!  Booked out whoooo hoooo next scheduele is coming up oh I'm so excited see you there...ARE you wanting those awesome copic tutorials go see the ladies at Jenny's " Pictures and pages" They are the girls to teach you wow with their techniques and colouring..... if you want to really learn how here's where it's at... and they're fully quallified Yah girls first in S.A......

Will try and update my blogging as much as poss. this week but I have to tell you I'm a little "Bo-Bunny busy and well lets face it, wont be able to do much next weekend ....heheheheheheheeeeee!!! ok I mean the weekend after..!!!! (Sorry just tooo excited) Stay tuned xo Have a deliciously  awesome weekend in the terms of  a  lovely friend of mine ....xo speaksoon Allie Have you seen and pre ordered the new Magnolia stamps ect cute AWWWWE!!!!Whats your fav????? Mine ED with areoplane xo

For those who want something "Different whether it be male LO or altered art/ OTP look out for my lessons at Jenny's...for all your scrapbooking needs, invites, stamping and FRIENDLY nothings too hard service!!  and Jenny is just a wealth of inspiration and knowledge....

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